Zion Youth

Not Your Typical 'Youth Group'

Do you like long bible studies and intense prayer sessions with lots of time for reflection? Then sorry, this won't suit you. We believe youth programs should be engaging and relevant, not tiresome lectures. If you're looking for a faith-based youth gathering that doesn't suck, than you're in the right place.

Something for Everyone

Zion doesn't have a 'youth group.' Those are things of the 70's. What we do have is a bunch of opportunities and events that are designed with youth in mind - an escape from the everyday with friends in a safe environment.

Thursday Night Live

Thursdays from 7-9pm in the Zion Undercroft. An activity-based event for youth in 8th Grade through College. Extremely friend-friendly.


Sometimes you just need to hang out. Afterglow is an unstructured event that allows youth to engage in games our gym, play video games, watch movies or just...chill. Check the Calendar for the next Afterglow. They happen kinda randomly.

Contact Pastor George for More Information